Sunday, May 30, 2010

Left Hand, Right Hand!

A year or so ago, a friend was cleaning out her attic.  She found something left over from a previous dweller and she sent this something to me.

I opened the package and inside was a book.  An old orange hardcover book.  Orange happens to be my favorite color, and old books are some of my favorite things, so I was very excited to get this book.  But, it gets better...

The spine reads, "The Sociology of the Future".  What a great title!  But it gets better still...

I opened the book, and instead of loose flippable pages I found the pages glued together with a carefully carved hole in the middle.

This book was not only old, orange and had a great title.. it was a handmade secret hiding space!  I love this book.  I should probably mention here that I love secrets as much as I love old orange hardcover books!  It was a perfect present for me, and I'm still grateful that she picked me to send it to.

Flashforward to today...

My husband was sick, so I stayed home with him.  I had all this unplanned free time and wasn't quite sure how to fill it.  I can't quite remember how I got on this track, but I ended up sitting on my couch with the Dictionary of Symbols and a notebook on my lap.  I slowly went through all 500+ pages and wrote down symbols.. ancient symbols, symbols for alchemy and early chemistry.. then I started to organize them in ways I could use them.. oils and salts, waxes and alcohols.. I just didn't have enough, so I modified some and made up a few more to cover butters and essential oils and different herbs..

I blended up a new language of symbols and began to rewrite formulas for Wunder Budder, creating my own personal book of Wunder Budder secret code!

As I was writing in my scribbly falling apart notebook, I started thinking about what this secret code would become.. an amazing book full of symbols that only I would understand, dried flower bits and other pieces that fit into the future history of Wunder Budder.

I needed a book with blank pages.  I needed an old orange hardcover book like the one my friend had sent me, but I needed it to be full of blank pages just waiting to filled with the secret codes of Wunder Budder...

I remembered a small handmade book I used to have and searched our apartment, but I had no luck.  Our apartment is full of other really cool things, but the little book was nowhere to be found.

I came back to my seat on the couch, picked up my computer and took my chances searching Etsy.. I was hoping for a handmade book.. maybe one of handmade recycled fiber pages.. maybe one with a tree on the front.. maybe one with a spiral binding.. I didn't know.. I really wanted the twin of my old orange hardcover book, but one with pages I could write on.

That's when I saw Left Hand, Right Hand!  That's the acual title.. with an excalmation point.  It not only says Left Hand, Right Hand, it's excited about saying it!  If you haven't noticed already, I also love exclamation points!

Left Hand, Right Hand! is an old orange hardcover book, with an amazing title.  Just about the same size as my book with the secret hole.. its twin!  Only inside this new book are pages.. blank pages carefully put together and inserted into an old orange hardcover with an amazing title.

I bought it without a second thought.  When the creator sent me an email soon after, expressing her curiousity of what I would use her amazing book for, I was happy to tell her this story... a shortened version.. and then I just had to tell it again to all of you.

Thanks to my sick husband (he'll be fine by the way), my insomnia, and the creative mind of the Etsy seller, I will soon begin to scribe Wunder Budder formulas, in secret code, inside of an old orange hardcover book.

Left Hand, Right Hand!  I couldn't ask for a better name.

Today was a good day.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm sitting here enjoying the rain outside, waiting for my husband to get ready to head to the studio with me and help me label and wrap all the awesome Wunder Budder stuff I will be making today.  And, I'm feeling grateful.  Deep down, just wholeheartedly thankful for everyone who helped me get to this point, and everyone who continues to give me their support.  I really love you guys, and I wanted to let everyone know how much you've done.  Maybe you didn't know, maybe you already did, I'm not sure.  Some of these things are part of my story, which I have yet to continue, but I just wanted to get this out.  Like, now, when I'm really feeling it.  I wasn't going to name names, but I just have to for some of you...

In no particular order.. my love and gratitude goes out to:

Midge from Green Clean who is a total inspiration to me.  She started and continues to run a successful home cleaning business using environmentally friendly products, and she did it all on her own.  When I was thinking about quitting school to do Wunder Budder full time, she was the only person who told me straight out to go for it.  Do what feels right.  And don't get me wrong.. I appreciate all the stay-in-school pep talks I got from many people, but my heart just wasn't in it anymore.  Midge encouraged me to follow my heart, and just take the risk.. figure it out later.  I felt like I was stuck in someone else's life, and her words helped me get back into myself.

My husband, who not only was ok with me using some of our savings as an initial investment for Wunder Budder, but when I told him I wanted to rent a studio, he said "go for it" without a thought.  Even when I explained the risks to him, he just wanted me to do it.  He's been amazingly supportive and I couldn't ask for a better husband and best friend to help me through this.

Friends like Elisa, who supported Wunder Budder through the slow times, before I was making it full time.. When I only had a new batch out a couple times a year and sold out quickly.. she took many opportunities to remind me that she "needed" (!) Wunder Budder and it pushed me to make more.  Maggie, who just keeps buying stuff, for herself and to give to others.. she's been my biggest customer so far (and one of the most delightful I must say.. delightful really did have to be said)!  Timm who told people "Wunder Budder saved my life" on more than one occasion.. Ok, Wunder Budder didn't really save anyone's life, but those words just make me smile!  He tells everyone how much he loves it, and he always has a Firecracker (a Cinnatimm, as I once heard it called) or a Black in his pocket.  Jane, a stranger at the time, who tried out some Wunder Budder and then made a point to let me know that she loved it, and who then came back for more.  All my friends and family who have been helpful in spreading the word..  All who bought Wunder Budder at first just because it was mine, just because they wanted to support what I was doing (and people like Courtney and Meredith who essentially bought doubles of everything), and then kept buying stuff because they were not only being super supportive, but they also liked it!  Heidi for continuously asking me for more stuff, spreading the word through giving Wunder Budder as presents, and for the amazing words she gave me the other night.  Oh, and Hal!  I can't forget Hal, who I think has one of everything, and soon will have the bottle of Sunshine he paid for in advance (it's waiting for you in my lab-OR-a-tory).  Kristy for being so excited about Wunder Budder from the beginning... like, the very beginning, years back.  Thank you guys, it means a lot to me.  Really.  More than I can fully explain in one shortish blog.

Front Street Coffeehouse for... just so much.  Chris and Brenda, with all their experience, for first gently trying to talk me down from my spur of the moment studio rental idea, but then turning around and being awesomely supportive once I told them I did it.  For the advice, the help with the sink, for the counters and more.. the counter space at Front Street, and the continued support.. you guys are great!  Chris who continues to get on my ass for getting Wunder Budder into more stores (sometimes I need it!).  Maggie, Deirdre and the rest of the girls for telling people that Wunder Budder is great and helping spread the word both in person and online, and for offering your help in various things.  I love all you guys!

My mom, who once she got over the initial shock of me kinda sorta dropping out of school and spending a bunch of money she knew I really don't have on "starting" a business, has been endlessly supportive.  Every girl (with few exceptions) wants her mom's love and support, and I feel so lucky to have one that gives them to me.

Roost for approaching me to talk about them carrying Wunder Budder at their shop in Salem.  They took the scary out of my first wholesale sale, and I'm grateful for it.

I feel like I'm forgetting a lot.. So many of you helped in ways you probably didn't even realize.. all the fans on the Wunder Budder FaceBook fan page.. all of you that are interactive, talk and share the page.. all of you who sit back but are still there as fans.. everyone who reads this blog, checks the website.. Everyone who has ever bought Wunder Budder and helped me keep it going. 

Ok, so maybe this wasn't shortish.. I even feel like I could go on, but I'd be repeating myself.  Just, thanks guys.  Thanks for the support, thanks for the love, and thanks for helping me to believe that I can make this whole thing real.  Wunder Budder is still very young and I still have a lot of work to do to get where it will be self-sufficient (and then hopefully grow to support me), but you guys make it easier.

Lisa at Wunder Budder