Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inside Wunder Budder... Jojoba Oil!

Simmondsia chinesis

(adapted from Wunder Budder's fall 2010 newsletter)

jojoba shrub
 Jojoba is among my favorite oils, and the one I use most frequently, both at home and in Wunder Budder.  While it's thick and rich, when used correctly (a little goes a long way!) it sinks into the skin and leaves little to no oily residue behind.  It has a beautiful deep golden yellow color and a very light natural aroma.

Jojoba is native to the Sonoran Desert area of southwestern Arizona, southern California and northwestern Mexico.  It’s a desert shrub growing to an average height of 5ft tall.  Jojoba plants live for 100-200 years, and each year they produce flowers.  The male plants produce yellow-green flowers which grow in small clusters, and the female plants produce green flowers which usually grow one per stem.  The female flowers harden into a pod-like fruit, with each fruit one containing 1-3 brown peanut–sized seeds which are collected and cold pressed in order to claim their oil.

Although it’s referred to as jojoba oil, it is technically a liquid wax with a chemical structure similar to both sperm whale oil and the sebum (natural oil) made by human skin.  When the US banned the import of sperm whale oil in 1971, jojoba became more commonly used in cosmetics.  Its popularity has increased since then because of its usefulness and its stability and long shelf life.

calendula infused jojoba oil
While more expensive than other common oils, it can be used in smaller amounts due to its rich consistency.  It’s easy to spread and absorbs nicely into the skin.  It helps regulate sebum production, doesn’t clog pores and is useful for all skin types.  It may help reduce the appearance of superficial lines and wrinkles, making it excellent for facial care.  It also makes a great scalp oil and is thought to encourage the growth of new hair with its ability to regulate sebum production and remove hardened sebum from hair follicles.

With all its attributes, jojoba is used in many types of skin care products.  It may be used full strength or blended with a complimentary oil.  With its low odor, it’s also excellent as a base for natural perfumes.
Paramedic Salve, with jojoba oil
In Wunder Budder, jojoba is frequently used.  I love that it’s thick and nourishing without being heavy or greasy.  I love its golden color and how it picks up the yellow from calendula flowers and the green from chaparral.  And, that it has a very mild aroma which helps when blending it with essential oils.  But, most importantly, I love how it feels on my skin, and I think you will too. 


What Wunder Budder products contain jojoba oil?
Original & Paramedic salves
All nine flavors of lip balm
Calendula Oil
Facial Oils
Body Oils (when available)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Small Changes

I've changed the name of this blog once again.

Recently I've realized that one of my biggest fears since I was a teenager is to be stagnant, unchanged, unmoving.

For a long time, I thought that meant to change I needed to move, change jobs, change relationships.  Itchy Feet Syndrome.

And that's what I did.

At some point over the last few years, I've realized that while I still like external changes, the changes that mean the most to me are changes I make internally.

Thoughts, ideas, focus.  Things that change the deeper me are what make me happiest.

Today I realized that telling the story of Wunder Budder from the beginning (the idea of the first incarnation of this blog) and Wunder Budder Buzz (the second incarnation - spreading news) are not what I presently want to share.

Maybe this is why today I changed the name of the blog once again, to Adventures of Wunder Budder.  Maybe this will help change my focus to this blog to all aspects of Wunder Budder, from my personal intentions to specifics about my business.  Maybe it will help me to post more, to share more.  Or maybe it won't.  Either way, it needed a change, so that's what happened.