Saturday, February 19, 2011

40% off Some Stuff!

Hello!  Spring is in the air!

I was spring cleaning in my studio earlier today... I found 200 pipettes, 100 perfume sample vials, 25 1/3 oz perfume roller bottles, 1000 wooden sample spatulas, 50 1oz dropper bottles and some chocolate sunflower seed clusters.
All of these things I forgot I had or thought I lost, so it was a day of surprises!
How do you lose that many things in a one room studio?  You become me.

That was earlier in the day.

Later, I took some new photos to update the website...
Just Lavender Aromatherapy

I had totally forgotten that I had no picture of Just Lavender anything on the site!

As I was going through the bottles, I realized that some things had paper labels
and some things had EarthFirstPLA labels.

We're in the process of switching all our products over, and all 1&2oz bottles,
inhalers, salves and lip balms have the PLA labels.

Except the few that I found.

spring cleaning + mismatched labels = hugely discounted sale!

40% off all 1oz & 2oz facial oils and toners, and select aromatherapy air & body sprays until the paper labels are gone!  There's only a few of each left, and once the paper labelled items are sold, the sale is over.  So, get some while you can!

Some of these things are on sale

Lisa @ Wunder Budder
Love living naturally!


Monday, February 14, 2011

A love letter to Wunder Budder...

my original salve - Original.

At first it was just called Wunder Budder.
That was the name of the salve.
Wunder Budder super soft salve.

Original calendula salve
Time went on, and I as kept making new stuff, the name Wunder Budder slowly became the name of my business and my original salve, no longer with it's own name, became Original.  Original calendula salve.  Sometimes I think it fades into the background because of it's name, but it is one of my favorite things that exist in this whole world.


The Whole World.

I'm not exaggerating.

Sometimes I forget... I get so distracted with the new stuff I make that Original might sit in a bag for days, all alone.

And then I see it, pick it up, put it on my lips and massage it into my hands.

Those words aren't even right... I don't just "put it on" or "massage it in"... I see it, feel it, smell it... I experience it.

It's so soft that sometimes I can't even believe it.

And the smell... the beautiful beeswax aroma... a little calendula, a little apricot kernel oil, but mostly just the sweet smell of beeswax.


Someday I will raise my own bees.

I think about where I was when I first started making it... a cold dry New Mexican winter at first, and then the snowiest Massachusettes winter I had ever remembered when it became official.  I think about picking out the tins... flat tins... they just feel better

I think about designing the labels, teaching myself how to use Illustrator.  What did I want it to look like?  What did I want to see when I looked at that little tin filled with soft yellow magic?

I experimented a lot...

A few of my favorites.
Stars!  It needed stars... and my favorite color?  Orange?  Or is it green?... both!  Add a little blue, just the right color blue...

And the back?

From the very beginning, the labelling laws from the FDA plagued me... the font size of the weight or volume had to be bigger than the ingredients!  Ok, it doesn't have to be that way, but in the case of the small label needed for a Wunder Budder tin, it did.  I spent so long on the front, getting it exactly as I wanted it, that I didn't want to interrupt it with the contents measurements.

I got it to fit on the back, with the ingredients, the original Wunder Budder quote "Don't forget to smile", and a short description: "A soft smooth salve to moisturize and protect your skin and lips.  Apply whenever needed".

It seems simple, right?  But it wasn't!  It still isn't!

Trying to fit everything I want to say about my stuff never fits on a label.

I also wanted to add something else... how to use it... what it was good for... I was familiar with salves, but now still, 8 years later, I meet many people who don't know what they are or what to use them for.  So, I needed to add some guidance... "A little goes a long way!" followed by the words, in a ring around the edge of the label:

hands   lips   cheeks   elbows   soles   hair   legs   friends   fingers   knees   toes

My dorkiness still makes me smile.

It's still my favorite thing to make.  And don't get me wrong... there's nothing but love going into everything I make... it's what I do... it's what I love.  But Original is still my favorite.

Infusing the golden calendula flowers into a special blend of the even more golden jojoba and apricot kernel oils... it's liquid sunshine... not like Sunshine... a different liquid sunshine.
I guess I say that a lot.

I think of vegetables as crunchy sunshine.

The melting of the beeswax...
really, I just love beeswax!

Makin' Original
But my favorite part... cleaning up after!  Really!  It's like making a cake and licking the spoon.  Only, there's no eating involved.... I love to scrape the melting pot and take globs of the slightly warm amazing goodness and spreading it over my skin... it's true that a little goes a long way, so it's these moments, and I think it's these moments only, that I'm happy I have no furry friends to go home to.

I'm in love.
Lisa, proud owner and lover of Wunder Budder

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Business Bubble

I'm making a prediciton.

Maybe this isn't news.. maybe it's soemthing that people have been talking about for a while, but I haven't heard anything about it, so I'm calling it my prediction.

There is a business bubble growing and eventually (sooner? later?) it's going to burst.

Remember the housing bubble?  It was being talked about and talked about, and the warning signs were there, yet some people were certain it would just grow forever... they bought houses as investments instead of as homes.  This works for contractors and the like, but not for other families.  I don't know when it became an old-fashioned concept for a house to be a home, but it did.  Houses turned into commodities, just to be bought and sold, without the heart, the love, that a home holds.  And then, everything fell apart because of it.

I'm starting to see this in business.

Over the last few weeks, so many things I've read, heard about, seminars I've attended, seem to have a focus on building a business just for it to be sold.


It's the housing bubble all over again.

For certain people, I can see buying and selling businesses to be the focus.  But, a small amount of people, like contractors buying and selling houses, not for the masses.

If I were the type of person to say "mark my words", I'd say that now.  The business bubble is going to burst.