Saturday, February 19, 2011

40% off Some Stuff!

Hello!  Spring is in the air!

I was spring cleaning in my studio earlier today... I found 200 pipettes, 100 perfume sample vials, 25 1/3 oz perfume roller bottles, 1000 wooden sample spatulas, 50 1oz dropper bottles and some chocolate sunflower seed clusters.
All of these things I forgot I had or thought I lost, so it was a day of surprises!
How do you lose that many things in a one room studio?  You become me.

That was earlier in the day.

Later, I took some new photos to update the website...
Just Lavender Aromatherapy

I had totally forgotten that I had no picture of Just Lavender anything on the site!

As I was going through the bottles, I realized that some things had paper labels
and some things had EarthFirstPLA labels.

We're in the process of switching all our products over, and all 1&2oz bottles,
inhalers, salves and lip balms have the PLA labels.

Except the few that I found.

spring cleaning + mismatched labels = hugely discounted sale!

40% off all 1oz & 2oz facial oils and toners, and select aromatherapy air & body sprays until the paper labels are gone!  There's only a few of each left, and once the paper labelled items are sold, the sale is over.  So, get some while you can!

Some of these things are on sale

Lisa @ Wunder Budder
Love living naturally!


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