Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Story, Part I

I'm now officially a blogger! 

This is kind of a test.  I've never done this before!  So, here goes...

My business was reborn on 01/01/10.  I just liked those numbers.

I've been making salves since 2000, and Wunder Budder became an official business in late 2002.  Since that time, my life has led me in different directions, and I never put a full time effort into my business.  But, every time I had been stressed for the last eight years, I'd start playing with oils and making things to relax me.  Wunder Budder was pulling me towards it, but I kept pushing it back for various reasons.

Then December (2009) came.

I was in school, hating it, really hating it.  I was sick for months, not sleeping, constantly in a bad mood.  Once again, I was pulled towards Wunder Budder to cheer me up.  I began to get messages, that I finally, finally!, started listening to.

One night, while working at a coffeehouse (what up FSC!), there was this great band playing.  My bosses and some of my co-workers were there, as well as other friends.. I was having a lot of fun.  I hadn't had a lot of fun for a long time because I was so stressed out with school.  My mood brought me back to how I felt having fun at other coffeehouses I had worked at, when I was leading my life in a more adventurous way.  I missed that sense of adventure, and I had an epiphany!  I should just do it!  I should put school away for a bit, keep working at the coffeehouse and go for Wunder Budder full time!  Just take a chance!

I got talked out of it that night.  I should just finish school, get it done.


There's my test post.. I'll finish the story later!



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