Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My birthday is today...
At this time of year, I always take a look around
to see what I'm doing, where I'm going, and who's coming with me...
It's an extra burst of confidence,
 a renewed realization that I have complete control over my life...
there's always a choice, a direction,
a decision to make.

Don McCloskey says...
promise to never to age
in such a way
that you don't rage

the dying of the light
and fight
the right fights
and turn the page at the right time
and realize at the right age
that mankind is alright and ok
and wasn't meant to be caged anyway
cause life is a stage
so hop up and engage
and forget your lines
cause half the time
you gotta improvise anyway
don't wait to have a seizure
before you seize the day

 (from the song Don't Tango With the Freak Show)

I love birthdays!



Tom the Tour Guide said...

It seems like it's working to me. :)

Wunder Budder said...

Awesome, thanks! And it appears that I can comment on my own blog, just not anyone else's.

SJ said...

Love this post and the song lyrics! Also checking the posting "situation"