Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finishing a Pine Table, the Natural Way... Part I

I live in a small apartment, with an extra large coffee table.

I love the table.  It's the perfect game night table, with enough room for eight people to sit around comfortably and have plenty of table space.

The problem lies within the small apartment, which has shrunk over the years with the addition of hand-me-downs, family heirlooms, yard sale, thrift store and flea market finds, with a few new Things thrown in.  Because of all these Things, the room still fits the perfect game night table, but no longer has room to fit people around it.

Why not just get rid of the Things you might ask?  Isn't that really the problem?  You know your apartment didn't really shrink, right?

No, it has nothing to do with two Collectors of Things banning together to create the greatest collection of Things ever, the apartment really just shrank, magically.  I think it's a Salem thing.  Yeah, I'll stick with that.

Anyway, without the people, the extra large, perfect game night table has become a
Place to Put Things.

Lots of Things.

So, after Christmas, I decided enough was enough and we needed a new, smaller table, stat.  No more waiting to find the perfect used table somewhere, I wanted something Right Then.

So, I went online and ordered a coffee table, with a matching side table.

This is the new coffee table on top of the giant coffee table,
with plenty of room to spare!
I love that it's calendula yellow in this photo.
Two brand new, unfinished pine tables.

I've never finished a table before, but as well as being a lover of Things, I'm also a lover of Projects.  And being Me, I'm a lover of Projects, especially when they have something to do with Living Naturally.

So I decided to finish the table with items I had
at home.

To be continued... (go to Part II)

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