Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Wunder Budder: 01/01/12!

Ok, I know, it's not the real birthday of Wunder Budder.  That would be the day in November of 2002 when I registered Wunder Budder as a business.  But, just a little over two years ago was when I decided to turn my life (and my beautiful/understanding/supportive husband's!) upside down to go for it full time, with no business experience and no money.

Wunder Budder Studio - 2010
It started as a plan of expansion out of my home kitchen, but out of some fantasy searches for places to rent, I happened upon a place that just felt right.  I looked at the listing online for days, until I took the next step to go look at it, and the leap to sign a lease.
An 18-month lease.
A contract to rent this location for a full eighteen months, and I secret I kept from most people until this point!  Although the term was a long one, I felt confident, and was happy to renew my lease for another year when the term expired.

As you can see from the pictures to the right, it wasn't a fancy place!  But it was a good size, an amazing location (walking distance from both home and downtown!), and best of all, it already had a hook up for a triple sink, a shiny new stainless steel three bay sink, which is still my favorite piece of equipment.
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Flowers on my Shiny New Sink - 2010
The studio needed a lot of work, but luckily for me I have some talented friends and family who were willing to give up their time to help me transform it from a big empty room that needed a new paint job to a working studio fit to make the things I love to make the most.
I will be forever grateful to those of you who helped me get my studio together (you know who you are!), and to everyone who donated furniture, counters, and equipment.

 Seriously, forever.

The biggest transformation happened in just one day.  One.  How?  I have no idea, but it was mostly because of these three people...

Plus me, but mostly two amazing friends and my husband.
That whole first year was a bit of a blur of new beginnings and creativity, with the second year being a blur of learning how to be a business owner and what that means, but those are stories for another time.
It's now Wunder Budder's second birthday, and time to enter into a third year of business.
I'm looking forward to a new year, a third year,
a year to combine what I learned in the first two years while making room for new stuff.
A year of convergence, change, growth, and one where Wunder Budder will learn to stand on its own two feet (hopefully!).


Happy New Year!

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totalrod2 said...

This is awesome!

MagickMoonSoapWurks said...

Absolutely amazing! We so need to get together for coffee! Can't wait! We have a very similar story! Happy New Year!
Dana from Magic Moon SoapWorks-Salem

Anonymous said...

I love this story! Another beacon of happiness that surrounds you, pours through you and ends up in your absolutely amazing products. Thank you for sharing and Happy New Year! Wishing you continued success and prosperity in 2012!

Katrina Pattison