Thursday, January 2, 2014

Annual Birthday Sale

It's another year for Wunder Budder!

Ok, it's another year for everyone, but January 2014 marks the end of our fourth year and beginning of our fifth year.

What? You thought we started in 2002, not 2010, you say?

That's true. Someday we'll figure out a way to make this not confusing.

If you haven't heard the story yet... From late 2002 to late 2009 Wunder Budder was a seasonal home business, and products were only available through me directly, in person, or through someone I knew. It was more of a hobby that I paid taxes on, a dream I didn't want to let go. I'm glad I didn't.

Through a series of events in late 2009/early 2010, I decided to make it a full-time thing, left school, rented a studio to work out of, and made my first website. The rest is Wunder Budder history.

January of 2010 is when Wunder Budder became "real", so that's when we celebrate Wunder Budder's birthday.

It's our birthday and we're happy you're here (here, as in part of it all!), it's the new year, it's wintertime (aka Wunder Budder season), and it's the perfect time to start making changes.

It's also the perfect time for a sale. So that's what we do.

Once a year everything on our website goes on sale. Everything is 5%-25% off.

It's the perfect time to stock up on items, try out new things, or just pick up a couple of your favorites.

The Annual Birthday Sale runs from 01/01/14-01/15/14 or as supplies last. The sale is on our existing stock only, so get it while you can!

I hope you all have the happiest and healthiest 2014, 

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