Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You Don't Know What Homeopathic Means.

Ok friends, it's rant time again.

I'd like to scream this to the world...

Homeopathic is not the same as natural.
Homeopathic is not the same as holistic.
Homeopathic is not the same as botanical.

If you use this word for anything other than one small branch of holistic medicine,

you don't know what homeopathic means,

so please find out what it means or stop using it. Especially if you're a writer/blogger. Or any part of a natural healthcare or natural skincare field. (If you're a person not involved in these fields, and you're misusing this word, it's no wonder since "authority"-types are doing it.)

At a herbal conference earlier this year I continuously heard people call small doses of tinctures "homeopathic doses". I don't know what teacher is telling their students that small means the same as homeopathic, but it's wrong. So wrong. This was especially disturbing because if anyone (other than a homeopath) should know what homeopathy is and isn't, it's a herbalist.

But, this rant was brought on by an article on natural beauty products. Not quite as disturbing, but just as annoying.

Why does it bother me so much when this word is constantly used incorrectly? Because it would be like calling all colors blue, or all foods pizza, or all mammals cats. It's just wrong. Completely.

So, what is homeopathy?

It's a branch of holistic medicine using remedies made in a very specific way. These remedies are the only things that can be called homeopathic. A homeopathic remedy is created by making a "mother tincture", and then repeatedly diluting the tincture using a technique unique to homeopathy. The end result is an energetic medicine with none of the original (botanical or other) ingredient left in the menstruum (the liquid). It's a fascinating and controversial field, but unless you are practicing it or using it, all you need to know is this:

All homeopathy is natural (some are even made from natural poisons), but not all natural is homeopathic; all homeopathy is holistic, but not all holistics are homeopathic; all homeopathy is not botanical (there is even a remedy made from fire!), and not all botanicals are homeopathic.

So, please, help me stop this insanity.

If you hear or read someone incorrectly using the term, gently let them know that homeopathy is a branch of holistic medicine, not a general term. With bloggers and other writers, some herbalists, and others continuously misusing the term, it's no wonder that so many people are confused by the terminology.

Lets set the world straight.

Also see 5 Most Commonly Misused Natural Terms for more terms commonly confused.


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