Monday, August 26, 2013

Martha Stewart's American Made Nominee!

Martha Stewart's new American Made program (this is the second annual) supports handcrafted, American-made business. This year, Wunder Budder is a nominee!

There are six categories: food, craft, design, style (this includes skincare, and is the category for Wunder Budder), technology, and garden. The winner of each category will win a gift basket, a feature on the American Made website, and a mention on Sirius radio. The exposure alone could change the life of a business (hopefully Wunder Budder's!), but these category winners will go on to compete for the grand prize: $10,000, a trip to the American Made Workshop, and a feature on!

Wunder Budder stands a chance to win it all, but not without your help. The contest is entirely based on votes. Entirely. The only way to win is to get the most votes, and the only way to get the most votes is to ask all of you, my friends and Wunder Budder fans, to cast yours. You can vote daily, and you can vote up to six times per day (yes, you can cast them all at once!). To get people involved, American Made is entering each vote to win a prize (AmericanExpress gift cards and Martha Stewart books, some signed).

During the voting period (08/26/13-09/13/13) I'll be posting on Facebook and Twitter daily to remind everyone to vote, and to make sure I catch everyone. Twitter feeds are so fast moving, most people probably won't notice all the tweets promoting the contest, but Facebook is more personal. If I pop up in your feed five times a day, you'll probably get sick of seeing me! But, on average, each Facebook post is only been seen by 2-8% of fans. At best, it's 20%, and that's only with a LOT of interaction: comments and sharing. So, although a few of you will see every post, the majority of you will see maybe one. Because of this, I'll have to post a lot to make sure the link is seen by a large number of people. To make up for all the posts, I'll be offering daily specials starting tomorrow* - a different special every day (except for Labor Day Weekend). The code will be posted in the first comment every time the American Made contest link is shared, so keep an eye out for them. That you for all your love and support...


*Unfortunately my profile page, along with many other nominees', has been down for most of the day. This very frustrating turn of events means that I didn't promote today and lost almost an entire day's worth of votes (who wants to be directed to a page that won't load??). Things seem to be back up now, so hopefully they stay up. But now I need to catch up with all the people who could access their pages all day!

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