Monday, August 5, 2013

Salem BizBaz 2012 Thank You

(Originally posted on on 10/11/13)

The 2012 BizBaz in Salem was a success!

In fact, it was Wunder Budder's busiest show to date (and we've showing at fairs and festivals for ten years, long before we became a "real" business!).
It's hard sometimes. Pouring your entire life into something, and then holding it out for everyone to judge. It makes me feel like a child, smaller than the onlookers, hesitantly holding out my hands with my little creations cradled inside. Or, in this case, spread out upon a table.
Luckily, this is where my husband steps in. If you were at the Wunder Budder table during the BizBaz, it was probably him that you spoke to. I was in the background, jumping in to answer questions or talk with fans (love!).
Someday I may get better at this, or maybe I won't. It no longer bothers me that I can't be awesome at everything I do. (Ok, well, it bothers me a little, but I'm trying to learn to accept it.)
The feelings of vulnerability at shows makes me extra appreciative of all who stop by the Wunder Budder table.
I want to thank everyone who stopped by at the BizBaz this year. My friends and family who passed on hugs and words of encouragement, the already fans who introduced themselves to me (you guys totally made my day! really!), and all of you who made purchases and helped make the show so successful. Lots of love to all of you!
Next up: The Holiday Craft Market  on Nov. 10th in Beverly, MA. (thanks to the organizers who made extra space for a few of us returning vendors!)

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