Monday, August 5, 2013

Goodbye Garden Grease!

Goodbye Garden Grease
(Originally posted on on 12/20/12)
Well, guys, here is it.
For the first time ever, I'm discontinuing a product.
Garden Grease.
This was never my favorite (if it was your favorite, keep reading, you won't be totally disappointed).
It was formulated with my mother in mind: an avid gardener, and someone who spends a lot of time working with her hands, whether it's installing a patio into her backyard, or carefully painting pictures of flowers. 
But, it never became what I meant it to be.
Originally, it was supposed to be creamier, lighter, and come in a larger container. More like cold cream than a salve. And, it was supposed to go along with a hand scrub made especially for hard working hands, but gentle enough to use regularly, even on the sometimes tender skin on the back of hands.
But, for reasons I can't remember now, it ended up as a salve. It was pretty nice, but it wasn't awesome, and it seems that most of you agree (it was, by far, the slowest selling product of 2012).
So, it's time to say goodbye.
For anyone who loved Garden Grease, it will be reincarnated in mid-2013 as a lighter cold-cream-ish salve, as it was originally intended.
And this time it will be awesome.

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