Monday, August 5, 2013

What Happens When I Clean My Shower, aka I Love Baking Soda

(Originally posted on on 10/24/12)

My husband and I switch off who cleans the bathroom every other week. We have different preferences in cleaners (and soap, and shampoo). When it's my turn to clean the bathroom, I break out the baking soda for all three.

I take a bowl, add about a cup of baking soda, a squirt or two of peppermint Dr. Bronner's (or other natural castile soap), and get into the shower.

I add small amounts of water and stir with my fingers until a paste forms, about the texture of a light frosting. Then the fun begins!

The baking soda mixture goes on my face as a natural exfoliating cleanser, onto my hair as a deep cleaning shampoo, over my body as a deodorizing wash, and onto my shower walls as a non-abrasive powder cleanser. One bowl of "frosting", so many uses! It's just so cool!

Ok, yes, I do get easily excited. I like to think it's part of my charm. But, seriously, it's pretty awesome to get so many things done with one cleanser! At the very least, it makes cleaning the shower not so annoying.

Once everything is scrubbed, I rinse my face and hair. Then, I take my spray bottle filled with orange infused vinegar, and spray it onto the walls and let it do it's job, while I spray a little into my hair to remove any traces of baking soda. Then, rinse everything! What is left, is a sparkling clean shower and me.

And that is what happens when I clean my shower, and why I love baking soda.


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